Acoustic Panels

Sound from the generator is at controllable levels, we can use glass/rock wool panels covered with acoustic fabric. We need to measure the sound level before going into the detail and to measure the size and capacity of the generator to find the noise emitting levels. Sound decibel measurement has to be taken at the receiving end the noise disturbs, then only we can control the noise effectively. When the noise levels are high we need to soundproof the whole room where the generator kept. Take the doors and windows to be soundproofed if any.


  • Applicable To Wall and Ceiling Of Generator Room
  • External/Internal Plate: Galvanized Or Aluminum Plate
  • Perforated Plate Thickness 0.8mm, Bore Diameter 0.2mm
  • Acoustic Panel Size 600*600*50mm
  • Acoustic Material: Glass Wool/ Rock wool
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Acoustic Panels


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