Automatic Transfer/Changeover switch (ATS) Panel

Changeover Panels are required for Main Supply and Generator Power changeover flexibility.

Changeover panels are designed with Manual Changeover Switches, Breakers with Mechanical Interlocks and Auto Changeover facilities using Contactors, Motorized Breakers (ATS) or Motorized Changeovers.

1) Provided with such protective functions as checking two sources of voltage at the same time, protection when any one phase or one phase above experiences under- or over-voltage, guide phase

2) When two sources have abnormal or faulty tripping (overload, short circuit), the controller won’t send out the order to realize the protective function of reopening and closing

3) Four working modes: automatic control, common source (power supply I), standby power supply (power supply II), breaking electricity (re-tripping)

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Automatic Transfer/Changeover switch (ATS) Panel


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