Diesel Engine Water Pump 4/6/8“  For Irrigation

Need A Powerful Water Pump For Agriculture? Let’s find the right pump for your needs. We will provide you sizing and pricing for pump that meet your needs. 
General Overview 

Pump Size 4″   (DN100mm), Max Flow Cap 160 m3/hr, Max Head Lift 32m, Suction 7m,
Pump Size 6″   (DN150mm), Max Flow Cap 300 m3/hr, Max Head Lift 28m, Suction 7m
Pump Size 8″   (DN200mm), Max Flow Cap 580 m3/hr, Max Head Lift 35m, Suction 7m
Pump Size 10″ (DN250mm), Max Flow Cap 750 m3/hr, Max Head Lift 38m, Suction 6.7m


  • Heavy-duty sheet plate frame on wheel trolley with three adjustable supports and disassemblable drawbar.
  • Built-in tank into the frame with a 80-300 litre capacity outfitted with polluting liquids retaining tank and fuel level gauge.
  • Right-hand and left-hand fuel hubs outfitted with plug with key.
  • Roof, side guards and bonnets made up of sheet plate and outfitted with key lock.
  • Diesel engine and pump flanged together with high-quality flexible coupling joint.
  • Anti-vibrating supports between engine, pump and frame.
  • High-quality electronic control panel Deepsea/DEIF/Comap/Smargen.

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