Off Grid 10KW Residential Solar Power System


10kW of Solar Power

Around 70 sqm Roof space

Generate Up to 55kw of energy on a good sunshine day

Storage Battery(Lead-acid/Gel/LFP)

No access to the utility grid electricity

Become energy self-sufficient

Uninterrupted Power Supply

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Off Grid 10KW Residential Solar Power System


    10KW Off-Grid Solar System Specifications
    Solar PanelMono 280 W 60cell36 PCS
    Roof MountingPitched/Flat Roof, Ground1 SET
    Combiner Box1 PCS
    Charger Controller120V 100A1 PCS
    Inverter10kW EU or US standard1 PCS
    Battery12V 250AH(Adjustable)10 PCS
    ConnectorMC410 SET
    Cable300 M
    Tool Bag1 PCS


    5 years for Complete System.

    25 years for Solar Panels.

    Recommended Load

    4XAC(1.5H)+40XLED Lights+6X Fan+1X Freezer+2X Washer+2X Cooler+4X TV+2X Cooker

    Backup Time

    Appro 4-6 Hrs for 8KW Load



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