Perkins Diesel Generator 10 kVA – 2500 kVA

Whatever you need, we deliver reliable power in exactly the way you want it. Incorporating the latest advances in clean and economical diesel engine technology, Perkins engines are known for their high durability, low fluid consumption and exceptional load acceptance. From small power generator packs to combined heat and power solutions, they meet the power generation demands of customers in all sectors and territories. ElectropaK–a versatile solution Our engines are available in a variety of formats, including our popular ElectropaK, a complete plug and play solution featuring an engine, radiator, charge cooler, air cleaner, piping, hoses and mounting feet. Available up to 2500 kVA and with switchable options between 50 Hz and 60 Hz, ElectropaKs deliver clean and cost effective power in a high power density package. Quality–a consistent solution Serving all major world markets, we manufacture engines in the UK, USA, China, India and Brazil. We use the same manufacturing and quality processes to ensure consistent engine quality, giving you the flexibility and assurance you need to access multiple territories. Using Perkins global footprint simplifies business and logistics and minimises risk across your operations.

  • Extended 18 months or 1,500 hours warranty (whichever first occurs) protects you with continuous electricity power supplying.
  • Versatile Future-proofed, global
  • All-In-One Microprocessor, Better Integration & Reliability
  • Soft Start Function & Over Excitation Limiting Protection
  • Fully integrated, Reliable And Efficient
  • Widely Power Range Power From 10 kVA up to 2500 kVA

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