Safari Yacht Generator 8 kVA – 20 kVA

Drift away for a while, and let the waves guide your journey. Rest. Relax. Unwind. We’ve been expecting you. By a singular purpose: Your Experience.

Those quiet moments filled with peace and comfort. Every METCL Safari Yacht generator we make-every weld, wire and circuit-is a testament to our quality.That’s why our latest Safari Yacht generator are smaller and quieter with less vibration than every before.

AC Windings available in Two versions to suit your needs:
Single-phase windings
Three-phase windings
High performance generators
The 230V 50Hz, (120/240V 60Hz) single phase windings are standard for safari yacht generators up to 20kW. A three-phase version should be considered above 8 kW,
The 400V AC 50 Hz, (208V 60 Hz) three-phase winding has the highest level of efficiency and the best qualities. This winding can also supply single-phase AC with the appropriate phase distribution. A three-phase generator should always be chosen above 20 kW.

  • Extended 18 months or 1,500 hours warranty (whichever first occurs) protects you with continuous electricity power supplying.
  • Global strengths & local partnerships
  • All-In-One Microprocessor, Better Integration & Reliability
  • Soft Start Function & Over Excitation Limiting Protection
  • Fully integrated, Reliable And Efficient

Our redesigned sound shield—with separate engine and alternator compartments—and improved air management system significantly reduce sound levels. The quiet is all you hear.

  • Very low vibration and quiet installations;
  • Up to 40% weight and 60% space savings possible

Heater changer And Water-cooling for engine.
Performance stability through dual-circuit cooling,Water-cooled windings,Dual-circuit cooling. One of the reasons for the superior efficiency of yacht generators is the very effective cooling system, it ensures that the temperatures inside the sound insulation capsule remain within an acceptable range even in tropical conditions at the same time achieving the best possible sound insulation as free-flowing cooling air is not required.Seawater with high salt content and tropical temperatures increase the danger that metal can be affected by galvanic corrosion (Electrolysis). Even a very small current can have a destructive effect. To prevent this, METCL safari yacht generator uses dual-circuit cooling on generators. The engine is cooled by coolant or freshwater. Seawater only comes into contact with the heat exchanger, which is manufactured from a high quality alloy.

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